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An agile solution for optimizing secondary storage in any location.
Quest QoreStor® expands your data protection secondary storage options while reducing your storage footprint and costs. QoreStor facilitates the adoption of most storage types, uniquely including cloud object storage like native object storage. QoreStor’s advanced compression and deduplication algorithms slash storage requirements and costs anywhere QoreStor is deployed, even in the cloud. Best of all, QoreStor includes ransomware protection capabilities to protect your backup data.

90% Backup Storage Reduction Guaranteed - Or You Get a Free Year

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QoreStor will accelerate Veeam backups, reduce storage by up to 93% and reduce recovery time.

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Why is QoreStor the best bet for cloud storage?

Connect to the cloud faster and more easily with QoreStor. Its advanced technologies enable you to lower your cloud storage costs and maximize the return on your IT investment. You can now leverage low-cost object storage in the cloud like never before.
Not all deduplication is created equal

Not all deduplication is created equal

Exponential data growth takes a toll on your storage budget. Up until now, data deduplication relied on hardware appliances or was tied to only one vendor’s backup solution. With QoreStor, you get a pure software solution that you can run on-prem or in the cloud and use with most backup solutions. Source-side data deduplication with built-in compression delivers unparalleled storage savings — up to 93%, especially useful for cloud object storage. See how much your data center and cloud storage will shrink with QoreStor
Accelerate backup and data recovery from the cloud

Accelerate backup and data recovery from the cloud

Through advanced source-based data deduplication and compression technologies, QoreStor decreases the amount of data flowing across the network and up to the cloud, and reduces the time needed for backup operations. Smaller backup windows free up both computing and IT resources for higher priority initiatives. In the case of data recovery, time to first byte is accelerated from local data so that smaller cloud data sets reduce egress costs as only data needed to fill the gaps flows back.
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Get more from object storage

QoreStor’s Object Direct feature is specifically designed to get more from object-based storage whether on-prem or in cloud storage. It can leverage object storage for its main data repository to keep operating costs low and enables backup data to be kept directly on more cost effective cloud object storage for long-term retention. QoreStor’s Object Direct, deduplication and compression capabilities help make low-cost cloud object storage even more cost effective.


Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware Protection

QoreStor helps you fight ransomware and cybercrime by providing immutable backup storage whether on-premises or in the cloud. You can also set policies to keep a copy of deleted backup data for a defined retention period in the QoreStor recycle bin, just in case of an attack. See the QoreStor Interoperability Guide for supported backup solutions.
Disaster recovery ready

Disaster recovery ready

Between mega-disruptive natural disasters, ransomware attacks and even simple unplanned outages, IT staff need to have a good disaster recovery plan and solution. With its secure, fast and reliable replication, QoreStor lets you replicate backups using virtually any backup solution, to multiple storage devices and locations. You can even replicate between multiple public clouds to establish a 3-2-1 data protection approach and make sure your data is recoverable. QoreStor delivers 10x faster replication and ensures replication completes securely, even over unreliable, and inconsistent WAN connections.

Run QoreStor in the Cloud

Use QoreStor in the cloud to significantly reduce storage costs and best leverage object storage.
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Gain faster backups and reduce storage costs by up to 93%

With the exponential growth of data, backups are becoming prohibitively slow and storage costs are rising. How can you protect your structured, object-based and cloud data in the most secure and efficient way?

QoreStor will significantly improve most backup solutions you use. You can accelerate backup performance, reduce storage requirements and cost, and more efficiently leverage cloud object storage for backup, disaster recovery and long-term data retention. QoreStor also shrinks replication time, improves data security and helps you address compliance requirements. QoreStor is highly interoperable and supports numerous storage vendors, virtualization platforms, backup providers and cloud service providers. Learn More

Key features

Hardware and software agnostic

Gain flexibility by using any storage hardware, backup software or cloud provider.

Role-based user access

Assign access based on role for more granular control for larger organizations and MSPs.

Direct-to-cloud backup

Back up directly to cloud object storage over your WAN, but with LAN-like speeds.

Direct-to-target backup

Back up directly to the target storage device, bypassing the media server.

Best-in-class data deduplication

Lower on-prem and cloud backup storage requirements and cost up to 93%

Fast and powerful replication

Replicate only unique data to remote locations, reducing the replication windows by 10 to 15 times

Secure Connect with built-in protocol accelerators

Ensure backups complete, even over slow and unreliable WAN connections

Data security

Tighten data security with built-in encryption at rest, secure erase and FIPS 140-2 compliance.

NetVault Backup integration

Accelerate backups and add replication, variable block deduplication, and direct to storage backup by using QoreStor with NetVault Backup.

Cloud-tier storage

Optimize secure, seamless, long-term data retention with cloud tiering. May be be used with multiple clouds.

Backup acceleration

Protocol accelerators speed backup performance and data ingest speed up to 20 TB/Hr

Immutable backup storage

Protects against ransomware attacks as data written to QoreStor is made immutable and cannot be overwritten, changed or deleted outside of the required retention settings. Works with RDA-based backup solutions.

Data recycle bin

Helps protect against ransomware attacks by storing a copy of deleted data in the QoreStor data recycle bin for the specified retention period. Works with all supported backup applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

SAML-based user identity authentication supporting MFA with external identity providers OneLogin, Azure and Okta.

Continuous Data Protection and Instant Restore

Enables innovative Continuous Data Protection (CDP) with incremental forever protection of VMware virtual machines, providing instant recovery direct from deduplicated storage, keeping recovery times and storage costs to a minimum. *Requires Quest NetVault 13.1.
QoreStor data deduplication significantly reduces data center and cloud storage costs! See how much you can save

The experts agree!

2021 Bronze Winner: Cloud Storage & Backup Solution

2020 People’s Choice Stevie Award

Bronze Winner: Cloud Storage & Backup Solution

Gold Winner: Disaster Recovery as a Service

Works with virtually any backup software

Total Flexibility
No matter which backup software you use, QoreStor can help you accelerate backup speed, reduce storage costs and replicate to the cloud for disaster recovery. iconQoreStor Interoperability Guide
logo Veeam-Ready

Accelerate your Veeam backups significantly while reducing backup storage up to 95%.

NetVault Plus: a fully integrated solution

NetVault Plus delivers the power of NetVault data protection along with QoreStor deduplication, replication and tiered storage.

QoreStor-ready hardware

To ensure optimal performance of your QoreStor product, Quest recommends operating our software on pre-configured server hardware purchased directly from our hardware partners below. We have partnered with these companies to qualify the QoreStor software on server hardware for optimal performance.

Precisely Software & Data

We’re seeing storage capacity savings of 75 to 85 percent. Using QoreStor with Veeam is certainly meeting our needs.

Kyle Chapman Kyle Chapman, Lead IT Systems Engineer, Precisely Read Case Study

Become a QoreStor Managed Services Provider

Become a QoreStor Managed Services Provider
Join our award-winning MSP program recognized for excellence in backup, disaster recovery and business continuity.


Throughput and savings
Built-in data containerization
System performance
Role-based access control
Health and management
Immediate replication
See local and cloud object storage


See local and cloud object storage, throughput and capacity from an easy-to-use interface.


For detailed information on system specifications, refer to the QoreStor Interoperability Guide.


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