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Enterprise Backup and Recovery

It can take years to build a reputable brand — and minutes to destroy it due to the intensifying global threat of cyberattacks such as ransomware. Quest enterprise backup and disaster recovery solutions protect the enterprise systems, applications and data that are most important to your business. Quickly and securely recover your organization from destructive, scorched earth scenarios without the extreme uncertainty, cost and risk — so that you can restore business operations, data integrity and customer trust in minutes or hours instead of days, weeks or months.

Why Quest for Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery

The average downtime from a ransomware attack is 23 days, and yet, 73% of organizations are unable to tolerate more than two hours of downtime. Luckily, Quest provides a comprehensive solution to protect and quickly restore your physical, virtual and cloud systems from a wide range of small- or large-scale business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios.

With Quest backup and disaster recovery solutions, you can comply with regulatory requirements, reduce backup storage requirements and costs, and rapidly recover from cyberattacks, natural disasters and other destructive incidents, including accidental deletions, system outages and storage failures, giving you peace of mind that an IT disaster will not become a business disaster.

And with more than 25 billion attempted attacks on Azure Active Directory (AD) accounts in 2021, your AD and Microsoft 365 applications are increasingly attack targets. Unlike other backup and disaster recovery vendors, Quest provides a unique combination of automated AD forest recovery coupled with comprehensive data protection for complex IT environments that enables you to protect your most critical and highly targeted assets across your enterprise to minimize risk of system downtime, data loss and damage to your organization.

Ransomware attacks are at an all-time high. And paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee a return to normal.

23 days

average downtime


average cost of remediation

Only 8%

got all their data back


were attacked again

Key Capabilities

AD and Azure AD Identity Backup and Recovery

AD and Azure AD Identity Backup and Recovery

When AD fails, either from ransomware, cyberattacks, or other catastrophes, the IT environment comes to a grinding halt, which means the entire organization stops working until AD is restored. It’s critical to restore AD prior to restoring any business-critical databases and applications. Plus, it’s imperative to ensure the availability and integrity of both on-premises AD and Azure AD since the two directories are closely intertwined. Quest can simplify, automate and accelerate backup and recovery of your hybrid AD environment.

  • Automate every step of the manual AD forest recovery process
  • Protect AD backups from compromise and eliminate the risk of malware reinfection
  • Restore cloud-only objects not synced by Azure AD Connect
  • Demonstrate and validate your hybrid AD backup and disaster recovery plan
Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Enterprise Backup and Recovery

Protect all your systems, applications and data in large complex IT environments with a single, easy-to-use solution. Whether protecting your physical servers, or thousands of virtual machines in the data center, remote offices or in the cloud, you get cost-effective, enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery to meet your RTO and RPO goals.

  • Simplify backup and recovery for Windows, Linux, VMware and Hyper-V systems and data, on premises and in the cloud
  • Get broad application support including Microsoft 365, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle, SAP, MySQL, DB2 and more
  • Protect backups from ransomware with data immutability, encryption, MFA and more
  • Reduce data center and cloud backup storage requirements and costs by up to 93%
  • Deploy, manage and maintain backup and recovery across the enterprise more easily

Featured products

Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition

Complete AD disaster recovery at the object, directory and OS level across the entire forest

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On Demand Recovery

SaaS solution for fast, secure Azure AD and Office 365 backup and recovery.

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NetVault Plus

Enterprise data protection, data immutability, backup acceleration, deduplication and replication.

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Accelerate backup speed, reduce storage costs and use the cloud for disaster recovery.

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Telefónica España slashes AD recovery time with Recovery Manager

Thanks to Recovery Manager for Active Directory, if an operational errors results in the deletion of an AD object, we can restore the object in seconds instead of hours.

IT manager, Telefónica España Read Case Study

CACI: Education leader speeds backups by 61%, restores files 96x faster

The most important benefit of our new solution is that our data and systems are always available. And it’s more cost-effective than the other enterprise software and hardware solutions out there.

Robert van der Linden, Systems Administrator, CACI Read Case Study

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